• 29/07/2022
  • 08/08/2023

What is BurNin’ from CryptoNinja Partners?

In July 2022, the CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) collection introduced its first utility, burNin’. This is a mechanism where the owner can burn an existing CNP […]

  • 22/07/2022
  • 10/06/2023

What are MEGAMI NFTs?

MEGAMI is a collection of 10,000 profile picture NFTs (PFP) designed by Naoki Saito, a well-respected illustrator and YouTuber from Japan. The collection was launched […]

  • 20/07/2022
  • 13/10/2022

What are Neo Samurai Monkeys NFTs?

Neo Samurai Monkeys are the perfect examples of vibrant anime-style NFTs from Japan. These eye-catching monkeys have attracted many collectors, and they have become one […]

  • 13/07/2022
  • 12/04/2023

What are Neo Tokyo Punks NFTs?

Neo Tokyo Punks (NTP) is a collection of 2,222 profile picture NFTs (PFP) launched in March 2022. It was one of the first successful generative […]