What are CryptoNinja Ordinals (CNO)?

CryptoNinja Ordinals (aka CNO) is an NFT collection of vibrant generative pixel art using Bitcoin inscription technology. It is a fan art derivative project of the CryptoNinja collection created by the NinjaDAO community.

CNO is one of the first projects in Japan to explore the possibility of Bitcoin Ordinals (NFTs).

CNO mint details:

Date & Time June – July 2023 (See below for launch schedule)
Price 0.001 BTC (Grand Sale)
Items 2,222 (500+ to be released at initial mint)
Network Bitcoin
Reveal N/A

Launch schedule:

Phase1: Genesis Pre-sale Auction (15 – 24 June JST)

  • 10 Genesis CNO up for auction on OpenSea
  • No AL needed
  • Genesis CNO holders will receive the AL for grand sales

Phase2: Genesis Sale (June – date TBA)

  • 20 Genesis CNO to be released on Magic Eden
  • Price TBA (in BTC)
  • AL given to CryptoNinja Nouns holders (FCFS)

Phase3: Grand Sale (July – date TBA)

  • About 500 CNO to be released on Magic Eden
  • 0.001BTC
  • CNO (rare & common)  are randomly allocated
  • AL holders only

* Please check the CNO channel in NinjaDAO for further updates.

Bitcoin Ordinals are a way to tokenize (inscribe) digital content on the Bitcoin blockchain. Simply put, digital content such as images and videos placed on the bitcoin blockchain are called “ordinals” instead of NFTs. This is a new system, as the first ordinal of pixel art was inscribed on the blockchain in December 2022.

The Team Behind CryptoNinja Ordinals

The key people behind the CNO project are Tad Kanda, the founder, and Monaco IIDX, the creative director.

Kanda is a consultant with extensive experience in technology and global business management.

“Bitcoin Ordinal is a new protocol that allows us to create digital artifacts on the Bitcoin network. As a member of NinjaDAO, I’m honored to lead this project to inscribe our favorite IP, CryptoNinja,” said Kanda. “CNO is a fun and educational project with the theme – Let’s inscribe CryptoNinja on the Bitcoin Blockchain! I hope many people can join us and share this exciting journey with us. ”

Monaco IIDX is an established pixel artist who is also the lead artist of the CryptoNinja Nouns (CNN) collection and Crypto Fantasy game development. Monaco is a rare artist who can create dynamic yet detailed expressions and images with pixels.

“CNO is a fan art project for the CryptoNinja Collection. As such, I want to create art that maximizes the uniqueness and originality of pixel art while respecting the attractive imagery of the CryptoNinja characters,” said Monaco.

In addition, NFT Influencer and NinjaDAO founder Ikehaya is supporting the project as an advisor.

CNO: Vision & Utility

With the slogan “Let’s inscribe CryptoNinja on Bitcoin Blockchain!”, the project aims to raise the profile of the CryptoNinja IP worldwide.

“CryptoNinja is a Web3-style character IP whose animation is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023. I believe that the inscription of these attractive characters with a lot of potential into the unchangeable Bitcoin network is extremely meaningful and valuable,” Kanda said.

The team plans to make the following utilities available to CNO owners:

  • Allowlists and OG spots for various Ordinals projects worldwide
  • Access to holder-only seminars and information
  • Community member gatherings

By leveraging the knowledge, experience, and connections of the CNO project, the team hopes to support other projects that plan to expand into ordinal-related areas.

How to get CNO Allowlist?

There are two types of AL available, Genesis and Grand Sales.

  • Genesis Sale AL (FCFS) – only given to CryptoNinja Nouns owners
  • Grand Sale AL – Holders of certain Japanese NFTs, such as CNP, who attend Tad’s online BTC Ordinals seminars are eligible to apply (raffle)
  • Genesis CNO owners will receive the AL for the July Grand Sale.
Since only about 500 CNOs will be released at the first mint, I assume the allowlists will be extremely difficult to obtain. So be sure to follow the official CNO Twitter account. I will also provide updates as the information becomes available!

CNO is an exciting collection that uses a newly available Bitcoin inscribing technology. Be a part of this innovative project by owning this cute pixel art full of characters!

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