What is CNP’s Makimono NFT?

After the successful launch of Kiyoshi’s Seeds and Xana Penpenz, NFT collectors are eagerly awaiting the next freemint project from Japan. Taking advantage of the current trend, Japan’s top project, CNP, has announced a plan to release the Makimono free-mint collection.


Makimono literally means rolled scroll in Japanese and may refer to the Ninja’s scroll. It contains Ninjutsu spells in order to activate various effects, such as Summoning and Shadow Clone.

Makimono Mint Details:
Date & Time 4 March 2023 12pm  (JST)
Price Free mint
Items 22,222
Network Ethereum

“Thanks to the continued support of our holders, we have built a reputation as the most desirable collection in Japan. In order for more people to enjoy the CNP world, I would like to make Makimono a fun NFT to own for both existing and future holders, and offer it as a freemint,” commented CNP’s founder, Road, in a recent interview.
The team released the image below, which explains one of the mechanisms that Makimono will provide. There will be a total of three different colored Makimono – only the red one will be released this time, and the others will be released later.
There will be a total of 22,222 Red Makimono, and the team plans to release around 5,000 for this mint. The remainder will be released at a later date as various incentives for CNP holders.
By synthesizing different colors Makimono, holders will be able to evolve existing CNP into a special rare character.
“Ninja Yashiki” is another utility the team is currently working on. The holder gets a house (Yashiki) in Rium by burning several red Makimonos.
Rium is a metaverse platform developed by the Japanese company, Translimit. CNP  owns a large plot of land in Rium and is building the CNP world there.

Once you receive Ninja Yashiki, you can decorate and interact with others in your area. It’s a great utility that even non-CNP owners can enjoy!

Makimono is an idea that Road has been working on since the collection’s release in May 2022, as it would play a crucial role in the development of CNP.

“With the recent increase in overseas interest in the Japanese projects, we feel now is the time to bring these exciting makimono NFTs to market,” said Road. “CNP is an authentic Japanese project supported by talented creators, an innovative team and a vibrant community. I hope Makimono freemint will be the beginning of an exciting CNP journey for many new collectors.”

Now that you’ve learned about the Makimono free mint, let me tell you a bit about the CNP project.
CNP is a collection of 22,222 profile picture NFTs released in May 2022. The founder, Road, is an innovative entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in business development. Together with an NFT influencer, Ikehaya, as the lead marketer, CNP has become the most respected and sought-after generative collection in Japan.

CNP Information: 07 Feb 2023 (Source: NFTMarketCap.jp)

Items 22,222
Owners 5,391
Floor Price 2.0ETH
Volume Traded 7,933.11ETH
Market Cap 44,920.19ETH
CNP is known for a popular utility, BurNin’, and a collaboration with Japanese regional governments, Furusato CNP. The team has recently signed a partnership with Softbank Group. You can read more about the project in the article below.

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How to get the Makimono AL?

Although no official announcement has been made, it is likely that CNP owners will be given priority for the AL. The team plans to promote the AL to non-holders through various campaigns, including Twitter giveaways.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest news, be sure to join NinjaDAO. You can also follow the official CNP Twitter account.

Makimono is CNP’s first-ever freemint event, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to discover the exciting world of Ninja!

Full disclosure: I own CNP NFTs at the time of writing.

The content is for informational purposes only. Investment/financial opinions expressed by Web3 Zen.com are not recommendations. As always, please do your own research prior to making any investment decisions.

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