What are CNP Prince NFTs?

CNP Prince is a collection of 10,000 profile picture NFTs due to be released on 30 April 2023. Based on the unique Japanese culture of “Oshi-katsu”, the project aims to appeal to female holders in a male-dominated NFT space.

You will not find another collection like this on the current NFT market. Let me explain what makes this project so attractive and exciting!

CNP Prince mint details:

Date & Time 30 April 2023 (JST)
Price 0.001 ETH
Items 10,000 (5,000 to be minted initially)
Network Ethereum
Reveal N/A

What is CNP Prince

The CNP Prince was created as fan art for the CryptoNinja Partners(CNP), the no. 1 generative collection in Japan. Based on the personifications of the original four CNP characters, the team created idol-like characters that would appeal to women.

To understand the theme of CNP Prince, let me first explain the Japanese culture of “Oshi-katsu”.

Oshi-katsu (推し活)literally means supporting activity in Japanese.  This term is used to describe an act of support for someone you are a big fan of, and has a connotation similar to the English words “fave” (favorite) or “stan” (devoted fan). The idea of Oshi-katsu has become particularly popular among adult women in Japan, who support their favorite singers, actors and even manga characters by attending events, buying merchandise and voicing their support.

Oshi-katsu is viewed positively in Japanese culture, as it is believed that engaging in these activities can promote mental well-being and create a bond between fans.

With this idea of “Oshi-katsu” in mind, these four good-looking idol-like characters were created.

CNP Prince is a unique collection where owners can participate in “Oshi-katsu” by choosing their favorite character through NFT art.

I love the originality and all the content the team creates, such as manga, videos and music. These characters are all so attractive that it is hard to choose a favorite!

The Team Behind CNP Prince

The founders of the project are Tuppy and Cotaex.

Tuppy is a creator known for her 3D avatar music videos.

Cotaex is a professional manga artist with experience in publishing manga comics in Japan. She’s been in the NFT space since 2021, providing art for manga and storybooks for NinjaDAO, the most influential NFT community in Japan.

“By personifying CNP, I want to give each character a personality and appearance that will allow the holder to enjoy the “Oshi-katu” activity,” said Cotaex. The NFT will also have the voice of each character, providing distinctive stories.

Cotaex’s art has attracted a group of NFT collectors who have already begun to participate in Oshi-katsu activities by creating fan art, including cosplay.

“We are creating a welcoming, vibrant and fun community where our holders feel safe and connected through this unique activity of Oshi-katsu,” commented Tuppy. “Although our main target group is women, we have several male members on our team to ensure that everyone can enjoy being part of our community.”

Please note that the project has its own channel within the NinjaDAO community.

CNP Prince: Roadmap

The team plans to release the first 5000 NFTs with two characters. The other two characters will be released later (dates TBA).

Once the entire collection is released, the team plans to use the NFT exchange mechanism to introduce more characters.

“Every time a new character is introduced to the CNP project, we can create a new CNP Prince character through its personification,” said Tuppy. “Cotaex is a genius at creating an attractive male character that is ideal for Oshi-katsu. I know our collection will continue to bring new excitement to our owners.”

Although still in discussion, the team also plans to create mechanized items and visual novel games.

The music video below is a great example of the exciting content the team is capable of producing!

CNP Prince is a unique project in the current NFT market, targeting female collectors through the unique Japanese culture of “Oshi-katsu”. Be a part of this vibrant community and add another level of excitement to your NFT life!

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