What are CryptoNinja Holiday -in WAFUKU- NFTs?

CryptoNinja Holiday -in WAFUKU- (aka CNWAFUKU) is a collection of 8,888 profile picture NFTs scheduled to be released on April 6, 2023. It’s a collaborative project between Wafuku Gen and CryptoNinja. Based on the holiday theme, the collection features kawaii (cute) ninja girls with hundreds of vibrant traits.

This article explains everything you need to know about the project and its upcoming mint.

CNWAFUKU mint details:

Date & Time 7 April 2023 10am (JST)
Price Free mint
Items 8,888
Network Ethereum
Reveal N/A

Full disclosure: I am on the CNWAFUKU allow list at the time of writing.


CNWAFUKU is founded by the team of the popular PFP project, Wafuku Gen. The collection aims to strengthen the relationship between the NinjaDAO and WAFUKU LOVE communities and promote Japanese creative content worldwide.

Wafuku(和服) is traditional Japanese clothing, Wa(和) stands for Japanese and Fuku(服) stands for clothing, also called kimono. In the modern world, Japanese people wear colorful wafuku for special occasions such as New Year’s, weddings and festivals.

“My first work as an NFT creator was CryptoNinja fan art. That’s how I got recognized, which led me to start my own project, Wafuku Gen,” Wafuku, the founder, said in the recent interview. “I’ve been planning the CNWAFUKU project since last year as a way to give something back and pay respect to the NinjaDAO community. ”

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Wafuku’s creatives are known for their kawaii, and CNWAFUKU features cute ninjas enjoying a vacation in kimonos.

For its mint, CNWAFUKU will use Magic Eden Launchpad on the Ethereum blockchain. Magic Eden is a popular multi-chain NFT platform, and its new Launchpad service will go live on April 6.

“CNWAFUKU is an innovative and one of the first Japanese collections to use the Magic Eden Launchpad, which would help us gain attention in the market,” said co-founder, Solo.

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CNWAFUKU’s Roadmap

CNWAFUKU aims to connect with the CNP (CryptoNinja Partners) ecosystem by developing the CNWAFUKU area within CNP Land in Sandbox. CNP is the most actively traded PFP collection in Japan, created by the NinjaDAO community.

“We believe that connecting with other NFT communities is essential to further raise our profile both in Japan and globally. We’ve always had a good relationship with NinjaDAO and would like to strengthen it through CNWAFUKU, ” said Solo.

The team plans to create CNWAFUKU 3D avatars that will be air-dropped to CNWAFUKU NFT owners.

I’m sure the avatars will be really cute because the team is a genius when it comes to kawaii art. I’m really looking forward to this future utility!

How to Get CNWAFUKU Allowlist?

The team provides the allow lists in a number of ways, including:

  • “CAWAFUKU MInter” role holders in the Wafuku Love community
  • Wafuku Gen NFT owners (via raffle)
  • Owners of NinjaDAO related collections such as CNP, CNPJ and Metabatch (via raffle)

Join the Wafuku Love community for more information.

If you love Japanese culture and kawaii art, the CNWAFUKU collection is not to be missed!

CNWAFUKU Useful Links

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