What are CryptoNinja Sakuya the Animation NFTs?

CryptoNinja Sakuya the Animation (aka Sakuya Generative) is an NFT collection based on the Japanese TV anime series. Produced by one of the most prominent marketing influencers, Ikehaya, this collection is capturing the attention of the Japanese NFT community.

The main aim of the project is to raise funds for future anime production.

CryptoNinja Sakuya mint details:

Date & Time 23 March 2024 (subject to change)
Price 0.08 ETH
Items 2,000
Network Ethereum (Launchpad – Magic Eden)
Reveal N/A

What is CryptoNinja Sakuya Anime?

CryptoNinja Sakuya is a TV anime series that began in October 2023. The second season is currently airing on the TOKYO MX channel in Japan and is also available on various video streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Hulu in Japan.

The anime is produced by a famous Japanese anime studio, Fanworks, renowned for popular series like Aggretsuko and Sumikko Gurashi.

CryptoNinja Sakuya Anime was created using characters from an NFT collection, CryptoNinja. It surprised the Japanese anime industry with its unique and progressive means of funding anime production through NFTs, which was unheard of.

Since the release of its first series, it has gained increasing popularity and was ranked #2 in the 2024 Anime Ranking by Akiba Soken.

Read the article below to find out more about the CryptoNinja Sakuya anime.


A famous Japanese anime studio, Fanworks, has announced that the CryptoNinja anime series will air on Japanese televisio[…]

The Team Behind Sakuya Generative Collection

Ikehaya and Komesuke are two key members behind the project.

Ikehaya is a business and web marketing influencer with over 500,000 social media followers. He is considered to be the most prominent figure in the Japanese NFT market. His current work includes:

Komesuke is an established creator who has contributed greatly to the growth of the Japanese NFT market. She is the lead designer of CryptoNinja Partners (CNP), the largest NFT collection by market capitalization in Japan. She has won many illustration competitions such as Elf Masters and Flower Lolita.

What is CryptoNinja NFT?

CryptoNinja is an NFT collection, released in September 2021.

What makes CryptoNinja unique is its royalty-free licensing model, which allows creators to use the characters and earn without paying any fees for the CryptoNinja IP. This model has attracted many creators to its community, NinjaDAO, which has quickly grown to become the most active NFT community in Japan.

Thanks to the enthusiastic and loyal community members, CryptoNinja managed to raise enough funds in a short period of time to create the CryptoNinja Sakuya anime series.

Sakuya Generative’s Vision

Ikehaya’s vision is to make CryptoNinja into a global IP character.

“CryptoNinja is a web3 IP character that’s free for everyone in the world to use,” said Ikehaya. CryptoNinja Sakuya Anime plays a key role in raising the profile of the CryptoNinja IP both in Japan and globally.”

The money raised from the initial sales of Sakuya Generative and its future royalties will be used to create more anime series.

“Building an IP business is a gradual process, but CryptoNinja’s fan base is steadily growing. We hope that our supporters will become owners of this new collection so that we can continue this exciting challenge together,” Ikehaya said.

How to get Sakuya Generative Allowlist?

The team is currently accepting allowlist applications from:

  • CNP holders
  • CryptoAnime Labs Shuriken NFT holders (black status)
  • ICL diamond members

Visit the NinjaDAO community for more information.

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