What are Ikehaya Pass (IKHY) NFTs?

I woke up this morning and realized that Ikehaya, a Japanese NFT influencer, had released his free mint collection “Ikehaya Pass.” Everything got minted out within seconds.

Nobody really knows anything about this collection… but based on the conversation in his alpha group, ICL, let me share what I’ve found out so far!

Ikehaya Pass (IKHY) is a collection of 6,000 NFT released on 29 January 2023 without any prior notice. He made an announcement on Twitter, and people lucky enough to have noticed his tweet managed to free-mint IKHY.

For the past day or two, Ikehaya had been talking about his interest in creating a free-mint collection to try out some marketing strategies and gimmicks. In his alpha community, ICL, he mentioned working on a free-mint project with some creators.

However, IKHY is a separate collection that he released by himself out of the blue and ranked No.1 on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.305 ETH at the time of writing.

Originally, Ikehaya released IKHY with no utility in mind, but he is now in discussion with ICL members about possible gimmicks.

IKHY will use burning mechanisms that will allow the collection to evolve from here. Ikehaya says he plans to let IKHY exchange for special NFTs created by well-known Japanese NFT creators to support and promote their artwork through partnership.
Ikehaya recently announced that Rii2 has started working on the collaboration project. Rii2 is a well-respected Japanese NFT creator known for his TheMafiaAnimals collection. His work is so popular that it has earned him a reputation as ‘the collection that is impossible to buy’.

There are a lot of unique and exciting ideas being discussed in ICL now,  so as soon as I find an interesting development that can be shared, I’ll let you know!
Ikehaya is an extremely innovative and successful marketer leading the Japanese NFT space. I look forward to following how IKHY evolves from here!
ICL (Ikehaya Cryptocurrency Lab) is the largest private NFT alpha community in Japan, founded by a business/NFT influencer, Ikehaya, in February 2021. The members share information on NFT projects, market trends, cryptocurrency trading, and blockchain games. The group has given the allowlists for projects like “Live Like A Cat” and “Aopanda Party.”
If you want to find out more about ICL and Ikehaya, you can read my previous articles below.

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