What is Kiyoshi’s Seeds NFT Collection?

Do you like Memes? Are you a fan of Japanese creative content?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, then the “Kiyoshi’s Seeds” collection is for you!

You probably have many questions about the project, including ones like: What is this weird-looking creature?

There is very little information available at the moment, but I will try to give you as much detail as I can!

Kiyoshi’s Seeds Details:

Date & Time 4 February 2023 11am (JST)
Price Free mint
Items 25,000
Network Ethereum

The founder of the project is a popular Japanese NFT artist, Ujuuna.

Ujuuna is best known for his successful generative collection “CNP Jobs“. CNP Jobs (CNJP) is a collection of 11,111 profile picture NFTs released in July 2022. The floor price has risen massively since it was first minted at 0.001 ETH, and is currently trading at 0.388 ETH. If you want to find out more about CNPJ, you can read the article below:


If you are a fan of Japanese anime and want to invest in an NFT project with great potential, CNP Jobs (CNPJ) may be the[…]

An NFT influencer Ikehaya is the marketing advisor to the project. Ikehaya is the founder of the largest alpha group in Japan, ICL, and he is also the lead marketer of “CryptoNinja Partners” and “Live Like A Cat” collections.

Ujuuna has been planning to produce a meme-like NFT collection using his character, Kiyoshi.

“I created Kiyoshi as fan art for the character name Aum from the CryptoNinja Collection,” Ujuuna said. “When I turned Aum into Kiyoshi, I gave him a new personality that is happy and carefree. Kiyoshi has no worries and is always smiling, which makes everyone else happy.”

Don’t ask me how Aum became Kiyoshi! But he has become something of a meme in the NinjaDAO community, and everyone loves him.
Ujuuna said he had no plan to add utilities to the collection. However, he is in discussion with the engineers to deploy a burning mechanism,
The project starts off as “Kiyoshi’s Seeds,” allowing the holders to burn them into Kiyoshi. The current plan is that two seeds can be burned into one Kiyoshi to start with. Then you can burn two Kiyoshi to make a special Kiyoshi at a later point.
“You won’t know what kind of Kiyoshi you’ll get, but he’ll make you laugh and be happy,” Ujuuna said. “People call me a gag creator, so I’m going to make Kiyoshi’s Seed the funniest NFT project ever!”

How to Get Kiyoshi’s Seeds Allowlist?

The owners of CNPJ will automatically receive the allowlist – the team will take a snapshot of the wallet addresses sometime in early February. Ikehaya is also running an AL giveaway campaign on Twitter now.

In addition, the owners of the Ikehaya Pass collection are able to participate in a raffle to receive the allowlist.

Free-mint projects are getting a lot of attention in the NFT space at the moment. With this trend, could this quirky character “Kiyoshi” become a global meme?
More information to follow, so stay tuned!

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