What are Live Like A Cat NFTs?

Live Like A Cat (LLAC) is a collection of 22,222 profile picture NFTs, released in December 2022. The project is backed by an established Japanese online school, “The Freelancer’s School.”

Based on the theme, “Live Like A Cat – Carefree & Contented,” the project depicts friendly yet eye-catching cats using hundreds of vibrant visual traits.

These cats have won the heart of many NFT collectors. Let me explain what this popular Japanese project is all about!

Live Like A Cat details – as of 14 June 2023 (source: NFTMarketCap.jp OpenSea)

Items 22,222
Owners 3,506
Floor Price 0.7 ETH
Volume Traded 1,856.44 ETH
Market Cap 17,957.74 ETH
Listed 0.3%

LLAC founder’s comments are from my recent interview with him. 

The Team Behind LLAC

There are three key members behind the project:

Shuhei is a Japanese influencer with more than 210,000 social media followers.  He is also the founder of “The Freelancer’s School,” which teaches skills like social media marketing, blogging, and online product branding. Currently, more than 20,000 students are subscribing to the service to obtain skills to work as freelancers.

He is an approachable and trusted figure as his identity is disclosed, and he actively communicates with his followers through Twitter spaces and his podcast show.

Umuko is a well-known digital illustrator with more than 50,000 Twitter followers. She has created a popular character, “Umu Neko (Cat),” which has been employed as a PR character of AmazonPay.

Ikehaya is one of the most respected NFT and web marketing influencers in Japan with more than 450,000 social media followers. He is the founder of the NinjaDAO and Ikehaya CryptoCurrency Lab (ICL) communities and is considered the most influential marketer in the Japanese NFT space. His Twitter spaces can get over 1,000 listeners at a time, depending on the time and topic.


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Live Like A Cat: Vision & Roadmap

LLAC is a lifestyle brand project that aims to update the lives of its owners by providing both digital and real life utilities based on the theme “Live Like A Cat – Carefree & Contented”.

“I feel strongly about providing value to our NFT holders through meaningful utilities. But at the same time, having a compelling story is what makes a collection unique, which assists in building a solid community that can keep on growing,” Shuhei, the founder, commented.

“As I see my cat, Seto-san, I have always felt that I wanted to live like her, so carefree and contented. And this is where the idea of LLAC originally started.”

Living on a small island in Western Japan, Shuhei balances his influencer career with his zen-inspired ways of life. He feels that embedding the Japanese philosophy of Zen could create a unique NFT collection not currently available in the market.

Many of Shuhei’s students empathized with the idea and wanted to join the project, and they came up with the catchphrase – Update Your Life Through LLAC. “At that point, I knew that I could make a successful collection as I have many talented creators and marketers whom I trust in my school,” Shuhei said.

So far, the team has announced the following roadmap:

  • Production of LLAC original character items through an e-commerce shop “Matatabi-ya
  • Virtual & physical seminars
  • Construction of LLAC House

The team launched its e-commerce shop preceding the release of LLAC. The first item, LLAC stickers, sold out within a day. This success has led the team to produce items like T-shirts, tumblers and key chains with Umuco’s original designs.

Shuhei has been actively organizing both virtual and physical seminars for the past few years, and he plans to combine the service with the LLAC project as one of the owners’ utilities. His physical seminars during autumn/winter 2022 attracted much attention in both Web2 and Web3 communities, and the total number of attendees exceeded 1,500.

LLAC House

Shuhei came up with the idea of LLAC House after the release of the project. It is a physical building that will be built in Western Japan to provide:

  • Co-working space
  • Meeting room
  • Studio for creating video and podcasting content
  • Gathering area for the local community

“To update people’s lives, I felt it was necessary to offer a physical place in addition to the online community,” said Shuhei. “In LLAC House, people can co-work, share ideas and hopefully achieve the ideal lifestyle that suits them .”

Once the building is complete, the team plans to offer the rental of co-working space and a meeting room for free or at a discount to LLAC NFT holders. “LLAC House is a unique real-life utility that differentiates us from the other NFT project,” Shuhei said.

The total land size of LLAC House will be about 1170m² with a brand new building. I’m sure it’ll be a perfect place for people to gather, be stimulated, and update their lives!

LLAC is a project with a doxxed founder, a clear vision, and unique utilities. So, will these cute yet quirky cat PFPs be able to update their holders’ lives?

I’ll keep you updated!

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