What is NinjaDAO?

NinjaDAO is often the first community that people encounter when they start looking at the Japanese NFT market. It is the most vibrant NFT community in Japan with a strong reputation. However, some newcomers may be overwhelmed by the size and pace of the community and not know where to begin.

In this article, I would like to explain what NinjaDAO is all about and how you can get started as a non-Japanese speaker!
In order to upgrade and restructure the community, NinjaDAO moved to the new server in March 2023. The old NinjaDAO had over 100,000 members, which became a bit too big. The new server is just as vibrant as before, but much better structured and easier to navigate!

What is NinjaDAO?

NinjaDAO is a Japanese NFT community founded by Ikehaya in September 2021.

It is a creator-first community with the goal of sharing and growing a Web3-style character IP, CryptoNinja.

Ikehaya is an NFT and web marketing influencer with a total of over 500,000 social media followers. He is considered the most influential marketer in the Japanese NFT space, and his Twitter spaces can get over 1,000 listeners at a time, depending on the time and topic.

To raise CryptoNinja’s profile, Ikehaya attracted many creators to join the community by making the character royalty-free.

“CryptoNinja has a super-permissive licensing model and I encourage my community members to create CryptoNinja fan art and earn money with it, ” Ikehaya said in a recent interview.

Ikehaya believes that Japanese creators are often exploited by corporations, preventing them from reaching their full potential. “I wanted to change that and decided to make NinjaDAO a creator-first community. By providing royalty-free characters, I knew I could build a unique community where many artists could freely start their own projects using CryptoNinja.”

Ikehaya’s clear and unique vision began to attract many creators, and the community started to grow rapidly. Currently, there are over twenty fan art projects established within the DAO.

A famous Japanese animation studio, Fan Works, is creating the CryptoNinja anime promotional video, which is expected to be released in the summer of 2023!

Having many ongoing projects is what makes NinjaDAO so vibrant and a fun place to be.

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Projects within NinjaDAO

When you enter NinjaDAO, you will see hundreds of channels with members actively participating in each one. Many of the channels have been opened by creators starting their own projects, such as generative NFT collections, games, and metaverse events.

The most successful project created within NinjaDAO is the CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) generative collection. The project was founded by one of NinjaDAO’s early participants, Road, and the team was formed with DAO members.

Source: OpenSea

CNP is fan art of CryptoNinja, as it features ninja subcharacters such as Orochi and Leelee.

Under Road’s leadership supported by talented and enthusiastic DAO members, CNP has become the most sought after profile picture (PFP) collection in Japan. CNP also has a similar licensing structure to CryptoNinja, so many of CNP’s fan art projects have been created in NinjaDAO, attracting more members to the community.

“CryptoNinja’s super permissive licensing model allows great projects like CNP to get started within NinjaDAO,” said Ikehaya. “I think it is essential for a DAO community to have valuable assets available to its members. CryptoNinja IP is our asset that members can use and make money with, and now CNP has become our asset as well, adding even more value to our community.”

Since the launch of CNP, many successful derivative projects such as CNP Jobs and CNP Rookies have been created by NinjaDAO members.

I’ve been in the NFT space since 2021 and have joined many communities. But I’ve never seen a place like NinjaDAO where so many exciting projects are being started by so many talented members.

NinjaDAO is one of those rare communities that continues to grow and offer new experiences and connections to its members.

CryptoNinja Nouns

CryptoNinja Nouns (CNN) is a project that aims to provide a “community wallet” for NinjaDAO. CNN was created using a fork of the Nouns DAO system so that every 24 hours a CNN is auctioned and the proceeds are automatically sent to the treasury.

The money in the CNN treasury will be used for projects by NinjaDAO members. “I like to think of our treasury as everyone’s wallet or piggy bank,” said Ikehaya.

“Although we have many talented creators in NinjaDAO who would like to use CryptoNinja characters for their own projects, they are often unable to proceed due to lack of funding. But CNN can provide a solution to the problem and enable our members to take the leap by providing sufficient funding.”

One month after CNN’s first auction, the treasury has already received over 155 ETH.

I’m excited to see what kind of projects will come out of NinjaDAO with CNN’s funding in the future. I think CNN will give NinjaDAO an edge and make the community even stronger from here!

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How to Get Started in NinjaDAO?

There are so many fun projects and events happening in NinjaDAO, but the community can be overwhelming, especially for non-Japanese speakers.

The best way to get started is to write in the English channel in the general section.

We have a great English speaking mod, Buko – she is so friendly and helpful. Other mods, Danku and Chibi, are also great helpers in making NinjaDAO a welcoming community for everyone.

There is also a special English channel for CNP holders. A lot of information about the development of CNP and other NinjaDAO projects is shared there.

If you want to learn more about Japanese projects, NinjaDAO is definitely the place to start. By joining this vibrant community, you will see the potential of the Japanese NFT market that many global investors are just beginning to discover!

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