Who is TAKAKURAKAZUKI? 〜NFT-BUDDHA & Hyper Shrine Project〜

If you recognise the art style of NFT-BUDDHA by TAKAKURAKAZUKI, you can proudly say that you are a true fan with extensive knowledge of the Japanese NFT world!

TAKAKURAKAZUKI (real name: Kazuki Takakura) is a highly regarded digital artist with a wealth of experience in TV, film and commercial animation production. He has been involved with the NFT world since 2021 and has gained a passionate following for his unique style.

Whenever his new NFT is released, there is a click-war, and many people are left disappointed because the competition is so fierce!

This article explains everything you need to know about Takakura, including his background, NFT collections and current Hyper Shrine project.

Full disclosure: I own Hyper Shrine NFTs at the time of writing.


Takakura (TAKAKURAKAZUKI) is a Japanese artist who has gained considerable attention in the contemporary and digital art industries. His work uses technologies such as 3D computer graphics, pixel animation, 3D printing, VR (Virtual Reality) and NFT.

His work includes animation for NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Educational TV’s popular children’s shows シャキーン!(Shakin) and マチスコープ(Machi Scope).

Buddhist teachings such as reincarnation are at the heart of Takakura’s art. He combines traditional oriental philosophy with a vibrant art style and cutting-edge technology.

“Art and culture are deeply connected, and I believe that the teachings of Buddhism and Shito are the foundation of Japanese culture,” says Takakura.

“Although religion has been a source of violence and domination in the past, it has also led to the enrichment of philosophy and culture. As we see the limitations of ‘modernism,’ perhaps it’s time for us to look at religion objectively.”

In September 2021, Takakura launched the BUDDHA VERSE project, which includes popular collections such as NFT-BUDDHA and YOKAIDO. All his collections are individually designed and created using pixel art with a lot of cultural and philosophical thought behind them.

He is one of the few NFT creators with an established track record, having exhibited his art in various galleries and museums in Japan!
One of Takakura’s most recent successes was with the SBI Art Auction, the prestigious NFT auction in Japan with only 6 selected artists. His NFT art sold for 730,000 yen ($5,500), far exceeding market expectations.

Hyper Shrine Project

Takakura is currently working on the Hyper Shrine project with Japanese digital service provider YUMEMI Inc.

The project aims to create a Japanese Shinto shrine not only in the metaverse, but also in the real world on one of the small islands southwest of Japan called Naoshima.

“Historically, art has evolved through artists challenging norms and testing boundaries. The Hyper Shrine project expresses the modernisation of Eastern thought brought about by our technology-surrounded lives and highlights the religious nature of technology itself,” said Takakura.

“The project raises questions about what people believe and where they look for support in modern life.”

source: https://roka.voyage/news/post-1085/

The project roadmap consists of the following three phases:

Phase 1: Launch of the Hyper Shrine NFT collection

  • Takakura creates a total of 450 NFTs, depicting the YaoYorozu Shito gods (八百万の神) in the form of filename extensions such as jpg, txt and jpeg.
  • The NFT owners become Hyper Kami-nushi (神主 = Shinto priests) – these NFTs can be enshrined in a virtual shrine in the browser
  • These gods will evolve in three stages as they receive more visits online
    ① Myojin (明神=shining deity) 16×16 pixels
    ② Daimyojin (大明神=great shining deity) 32×32 pixels
    ③ Omiyakami (御宮神 = exalted deity) 62×62 pixels

The virtual shrine was released on Jun 5. All Hyper Shine NFT owners now have their own in the browser for people to visit.

Source: https://hypershrine.transformart.xyz/shrine/

Phase 2: Development of the Metaverse Shrine, NEO TOKOYO

  • NEO TOKOYO is a 2D metaverse area where various Shinto gods gather, with exclusive access granted to Hyper Shrine NFT owners
  • It will open in 2024 with a central area, the Neo Cinema. Other areas will be developed in stages

Phase 3: Opening of the physical shrine in Naoshima, Japan

source: https://roka.voyage/en/
  • The shrine will be built as part of the Roka Ryokan, a 5-star Japanese-style hotel on Naoshima Island
  • Hyper Shrine NFT Gods characters will be enshrined there
  • Utilities for NFT owners to be discussed with Roka in due course

The Naoshima island is known for its many contemporary art installations and museums, and hosts the Setouchi Triennale art festival every three years.

Both the 1st and 2nd sales were successful with all NFTs sold out on both days. There is now less than half of the total left for future sales!
Hyper Shrine Sales:
Date & Time 1st sale: 21 May 2023
2nd sale: 18 Aug 2023
3rd & 4th sales: TBA
Price 0.1 ETH (AL holders only)
Items 450
Network Ethereum
Reveal N/A
AL Distribution mainly to Takakura’s NFT & physical art holders

Prior to the 2nd sale, Takakura released the following images with the theme of each group.

Source: HyperShrine Discord Community
  • RASTER – be seen and loved by many
  • TIMELINE – brighten and enrich people’s minds
  • VECTOR – reflect the outline of the world
  • TEXT – describe endless days
  • PRESENTATION – shine through public appearances
  • PROGRAM – understand the structure of the world

The Hyper Shrine is an ambitious project that combines the potential of new NFT technology with the tradition of Japanese Shinto culture – led by an established artist, a progressive digital service provider and a premium Japanese ryokan.

The Future of takakurakazuki

From here, Takakura plans to focus more on NFT art and Web3-related work, and continue to challenge himself through the use of AI and future technologies.

For example, at his recent exhibition in Tokyo, he created AI art depicting Yokai (妖怪 = Japanese folk monster) based on Japanese haiku poems written by visitors, which were then sold as a form of NFT.

With his distinctive artistic style combined with a rich background in Japanese Shinto and Buddhist philosophy, we look forward to seeing what he brings to the NFT art world.

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