CNP Friends: Walk-to-Mint Ecosystem

A week before its first anniversary on 15 May, the CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) team introduced the new Walk-to-Mint ecosystem to its owners. It has attracted a lot of attention in the Japanese market, as no other NFT project has ever created such a unique system before.

If you follow the Japanese market, this move is worth noting as it represents a major step in the development of the CNP ecosystem.

Above all, Walk-to-Mint is such a fun scheme to take part in! We are all very excited to see how the CNP project will grow from here.

CNP (CryptoNinja Partners) is the most actively traded and largest NFT collection by market capitalisation in Japan.

In its first year, the team has grown its brand by implementing active business development strategies. These include the launch of the CNP Friends smartphone app, the invention of the popular NFT exchange mechanism, BurNin’, and collaborations with Japanese local governments and major corporations such as Softbank Group and Culture Convenience Club Co.

Read more about the CNP project here.

Full disclosure: I own CNP NFTs at the time of writing.

What is Walk-to-Mint?

Walk-to-Mint (W2M) is a new economic model developed by CNP that rewards NFT holders by distributing allowlists (AL) based on their participation in physical activity.

This model is built around the project’s smartphone application, CNP Friends, which is available exclusively to CNP NFT holders.


The main features of the app are communication and fitness (step counting), and users earn points based on their daily step count. The team decided to implement W2M as its first scheme with the launch of the BurNin’ AL campaign.

For this campaign, the following spots were distributed to applicants on a FCFS (first come first served) basis:

  • 200 guaranteed AL spots for applicants using 1,000 CNP Friends points
  • 1,500 raffle AL spots for applicants using 100 points

AL holders will be able to mint Katashiro NFTs for free, which can either be sold on the secondary market or used to participate in the popular BurNin’ NFT exchange events scheduled for late May/early June.

“It is important for us to create an ecosystem that is both effective and sustainable in the long term,” says CNP founder Road. “CNP Friends is at the heart of our future ecosystem development, as it encourages active engagement from our NFT owners, resulting in the long-term strengthening of our community. ”

Since the release of the W2M system, both CNP Friends downloads and secondary trading of the CNP collection on OpenSea have increased significantly.

It is such a fun and new experience to take part in the W2M campaign. I’m really looking forward to minting Katashiro NFT with my AL and participating in the next BurNin’ event!
Read the article below to learn more about CNP’s BurNin’ mechanism.

In July 2022, the CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) collection introduced its first utility, burNin'. This is a mechanism where[…]

Future of CNP Ecosystem

CNP Friends points have many potential uses in the future, not just limited to W2M.

CNP is focused on creating a sustainable ecosystem, so it is unlikely that these points will be redeemable for cash-like items for now.

However, as CNP collaborates with Japanese companies such as Softbank Group and Culture Convenience Club, CNP Friends points could be used to leverage these relationships. The points could also be used to collaborate with other NFT projects and to incorporate CNP’s own smartphone app game, which is currently under development.

“We will work hard to create an ecosystem that is both unique and sustainable. Most importantly, we want to provide fun and exciting experiences for our NFT holders so that they want to continue to be part of our community,” said Road.

I think CNP is ahead of everyone else in terms of its business growth strategy. Now that it has started to create its own ecosystem, I’m very excited to see how it develops over the next few years!

If you want to find out more about CNP and its community, check out NinjaDAO, which has its own English channel and English-speaking mods.

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