What are Aopanda Party NFTs?

Aopanda Party is a collection of 10,000 profile picture NFTs (PFP) due to be released on 30 October 2022. The founder of the project is Ao Umino – she is an established Japanese anime creator with over 650,000 followers on TikTok.

Aopanda is a popular anime-style character produced by Umino. Since 2018, Umino has been creating short animations on TikTok using two panda characters –  the bigger panda called A-chan and the smaller panda called O-chan, aka “AOPANDA.”

In order to expand Aopanda’s presence as an IP character and to produce web3-style animation, Umino has decided to release the Aopanda Party (APP) NFT collection.

@aopanda_ao ドンドンきこえる…⁉️🙀② #あおぱんだ #アニメーション #foryou ♬ Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral – WZ Beat

These cute and vibrant characters have attracted many followers on TikTok and have been used as prizes for Gigo (formerly SEGA) arcade game centers in Japan.

This article explains everything you need to know about the project and its upcoming mint details.

Full disclosure: I’m on the Aopanda Party whitelist at the time of writing.
Ao Umino’s comments are from my recent interview with her. 

Aopanda Party: Mint Schedule

Using “Everyday is a party” as the main theme, the Aopanda Party (APP) collection depicts joyful pandas with thousands of colorful traits.

“Aopanda has grown to be a global character loved by many of my followers on TikTok. The release of the APP collection is my next step to strengthen Aopanda’s presence further as an IP character,” Umino commented.

The upcoming mint details are as follows:

Date & Time 30 October 2022 12pm (JST)
Price 0.001 ETH
Items 10,000 tokens
Network Ethereum (ERC-721)
Reveal N/A

The collection is expected to sell out as it is attracting a lot of interest in the Japanese NFT space. In addition, APP has been advertised on the SEGA giant billboard screen in central Tokyo.

Who is Ao Umino?

Umino is a professional animator, working freelance since 2017.  She has been involved with high-profile projects like Aggretsuko and Sumikko Gurashi animations.

Aggretsuko is a popular anime series originally aired on TBS Television in Japan and has also been broadcasted worldwide on Netflix.

“My animator background is what makes APP unique and stands out among NFT projects trying to create animations. I have a clear vision of how I want to present the Aopanda anime,” Umino commented.  “Using my skill, I’ll be able to create a high-quality APP animation in a relatively short period of time. I believe I’m the only NFT project founder with concrete animator experience.”

Aopanda Party Roadmap

So far, the team hasn’t announced a detailed roadmap yet. However, Umino plans to create the APP anime with her community.

“APP will be a community-led project as we will create Aopanda stories together. Using ideas and suggestions from the members, I’ll produce fun, uplifting, and educational animation content that will appeal to global anime fans,” Umino said.

I think Umino’s vision and plan are compelling and inspiring. In fact, many NFT projects are trying to create animations using their characters, but none have had major success so far. However, Aopanda’s popularity on TikTok already proves its appeal as a global IP. In addition, utilizing Umino’s skill as an animator, I think APP has the potential to become a high-profile anime in the future.

Aopanda Party is the project of an ambitious Japanese animator with a solid fan base for her IP character. If you are an anime fan and want to become a part of this exciting production, the Aopanda Party collection is definitely one to consider.

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