What are ASAGI NFTs?

ASAGI is a collection that demonstrates the value of NFT as art pieces. These intricate designs with the Asagi (pale blue-green) theme color have attracted many NFT enthusiasts in Japan.

This article explains everything you need to know about this authentic and unique collection.

  • ASAGI is a 1,500 PFP collection released in August 2022
  • The founder, Waka, is a well-respected NFT creator in Japan
  • Waka’s artistic talent has attracted many NFT enthusiasts
  • Details of the roadmap haven’t been announced, yet.

Full disclosure: I own ASAGI NFTs at the time of writing.

What are ASAGI NFTs?

Source: OpenSea ASAGI#1174

ASAGI is a collection of 1,500 profile picture NFTs (PFP) launched in August 2022. It was founded by one of the most established and respected NFT artists in Japan, Waka.

Waka is known for his intricate and elegant designs. Considering that most Japanese NFT collections are anime-style, his art has stood out and attracted many NFT collectors. His main collection, WAKA’s illustration, is individually designed and hand-drawn. These NFTs are extremely difficult to get hold of as they are sold out within seconds of being released.

In order to make his NFT art more accessible, Waka decided to create a generative collection. However, the number of items was limited to 1,500. Therefore the whole collection was sold out during the pre-sale by his long-awaited fans.

ASAGI: Roadmap

Source: OpenSea ASAGI#0714

There has not been much information released regarding ASAGI’s future plans at the time of writing. They have hinted towards holders’ benefits and collaborations with other famous Japanese NFT projects like Neo Tokyo Punks and Neo Samurai Monkeys.

In fact, ASAGI’s communication with collectors is unique. It doesn’t have a Website or a Discord group. Its only form of contact is by Twitter. Although Twitter doesn’t seem enough to market the collection, Waka’s team has been successful in promoting ASAGI and has communicated effectively with its fans.

A limited amount of information and communication hasn’t discouraged the buyers. It seems that the collectors are attracted to Waka’s art, not to the perks and utilities that they can get.

ASAGI is a unique generative collection in the way that its success is mainly due to the creator’s artistic talent.

Since the collection has recently been released, the holders await more announcements from the team. I will give you updates as more news comes out.

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