CNP Update: Developments in Metaverse

The CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) team has announced the developments of the Ninja Village in Rium and the CNP Land in Sandbox.

Ninja Village in Rium

Rium is a metaverse platform developed by a Japanese game maker, Translimit. So far, the team has released the below images of the Ninja’s Village.

It also plans to build a live event hall in the basement.

The Ninja Village is due to open in November 2022.

CNP Land in Sandbox

The CNP land is a large size estate with a magnificent tree in the middle as the land’s symbol. The top part of the tree will become a live event hall.

Surrounding the tree, there will be nice separate areas representing the CryptoNinja clans – each clan has its unique display and activity.

The land is being developed by Osushi Voxel Studio.

“The CNP Land and the Ninja Village will allow us to provide additional Web3-style entertainment to our NFT holders,” Road, the CNP founder commented. “CNP holders can look forward to attending exciting concerts and events in our metaverse lands in the near future.”

More updates to follow.

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Full disclosure: I own CNP NFTs at the time of writing.

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