BurNin’ Wars: New Mobile Game from CNP!

The CNP team announced that their first mobile game “BurNin’ Wars” will be released on 10 July 2023.

“BurNin’ Wars” is a casual tower defence game developed by an established game maker KAYAC Akiba Studio.

This is a crucial step in raising the profile of the CNP. Let me explain what this means for the future of the project!
Source: PR Times

Full disclosure: I own CNP NFTs at the time of writing.

What is CNP?

CNP (CryptoNinja Partners) is the most actively traded and largest NFT collection by market cap in Japan, launched in May 2022. CNP’s vision is to create a new Web3-style IP character through a super-permissive licensing model and the participation of community members in its growth.

Source: OpenSea

In its first year, the team has grown its brand by implementing active business development strategies. These include the launch of the CNP Friends mobile app, the invention of the popular NFT exchange mechanism, BurNin’, and collaborations with Japanese local governments and major corporations such as Softbank Group and Culture Convenience Club Co.

Having established a strong position in the NFT industry, the team’s next step is to increase their presence as an IP character.

Read the article below to learn more about the CNP project.


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CNP BurNin’ Wars

The main objective of the “BurNin’ Wars” game development is to raise the profile of the CNP IP with the general public.

“A mobile game is a great way for people to learn about CNP,” said the CNP founder Road. “Although CNP is one of the best-known NFT collections in Japan, NFT is still a niche market with a limited number of players in the industry. So, we need to start stepping out and getting new fans outside of the Ethereum blockchain.”

The game is free, so hopefully a lot of people who don’t even know about NFT will download and play. Because it is being made by an successful game developer, I think it has the potential to attract many players of all ages!!

Another benefit of the game is that it gives players the opportunity to get to know the CNP characters better. By playing the game, players will naturally understand each character’s strengths and weaknesses (personality) and feel more connected to them.

The team believes that this connection is what separates successful IPs from the rest.

“BurNin’ Wars is a casual game that can be enjoyed not only by our current NFT owners, but also by people who don’t know anything about CNP,” said Road. “We hope to attract many new fans who will end up joining our community after having fun with the game.”

Source: PR Times

The team hopes to use the experience gained from developing BurNin’ Wars to create a Web3 game in the future. As current Web3 games, such as the play-to-earn game, focus more on the earning side than the gameplay, the team wants to create a fun Web3 game that people will actually want to play.

“I know this is extremely difficult to achieve, because the environment in the the mobile app industry is not favourable for Web3 games,” said Road. “However, CNP is a character IP born in NFT, so we want to continue to lead and excite the Web3 industry. ”

BurNin’ Wars will be available for free download on both iOS and Android on 10 July 2023 (available for pre-order now).



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