CNP Jobs NFT: everything you need to know

If you are a fan of Japanese anime and want to invest in an NFT project with great potential, CNP Jobs (CNPJ) may be the one to look at.

With its rich and unique animation and backing from the biggest DAO in Japan, the collection sold out within 30 minutes of release.

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about the project.

  • CNPJ is an 11,111 profile picture collection created as fan art of CNP
  • The main theme of the collection is “career”
  • Future plans include the NFT exchange mechanism, Web3 job search website, and access to Ujuuna’s future collections
  • It aims to use new technologies like Soulbound Tokens to offer services useful in real lives

Full disclosure: I own CNP Jobs NFTs at the time of writing.

What are CNP Jobs NFTs?

Source: OpenSea CNPJ Leelee #03065

CNPJ is a collection of 11,111 profile picture NFTs. These tokens comprise hundreds of exciting visual traits individually designed by the founder of the project, Ujuuna.  The collection was created as fan art of CryptoNinja Partners (CNP), a successful generative project produced by the NinjaDAO community in May 2022.

CNPJ: OpenSea Information (as of 15-08-22)

Items 11,111
Owners 3,157
Floor Price 0.093 ETH
Volume Traded 861.56 ETH
Market Capitalization 1,225.06 ETH

Ujuuna, the founder, is an up-and-coming NFT artist, who has gained a solid fan base in the Japanese NFT space. His original NFT collection, Ten-ujyu, was created using the four-panel comic strip depicting his story of becoming the founder of CNP Jobs.

The lead marketer of the project is Ikehaya, the founder of NinjaDAO. He is a well-known business and web marketing influencer with a total of 700,000 social media followers.

In this collection, CNP’s four popular characters have various careers including teachers, engineers, footballers, and karate masters. A total of forty-six jobs were chosen with the theme that “You can be anything you want to be!”

The idea is to find a character with a job that resonates with you. It could be your current, future, or dream career, something you would naturally want to use as your icon!

Although there are no official rarity levels announced by the team, you can find unofficial rankings by Trait Sniper here.

CryptoNinja Partners Jobs Utility & Roadmap

Source: OpenSea CNPJ Narukami#03233

The main theme of the collection is “career”, something essential to most of our lives. Ujuuna’s aim is to encourage the owners to feel “I can be anything I want to be!”

The possible future utilities in discussion are:

  • Change of career: Introduction of a mechanism to change your current CNPJ into a new NFT
  • Access to pre-sale mints for Ujuuna’s future collections
  • Introduction of owners-only services, such as 3D avatar making and CNPJ personalized illustrations
  • Web3 Jobs Explorer Services (details explained below)

The collection has a holder’s only channel within the NinjaDAO community, where a lot of ideas and plans are being discussed on a daily basis.

CNP Jobs: Price Chart & Analysis

Source: OpenSea CNPJ Orochi#09651

Price Chart

CNPJ’s initial mint took place in July 2022 at the price of 0.001ETH. Since Ujyuuna already had an established fan base within the community, the whole collection was sold out within 30 minutes of release.

Source: OpenSea (17 Aug 22)

The collection had a hug pump initially and the floor price reached about 0.4 ETH. However, just like most other NFT brands, the price came to a reasonable level within a few days.

As the global NFT market cooled down, the price of CNPJ has also struggled at around 0.1 ETH.

I’m interested to see how the price reacts to the announcement of new utilities like the NFT exchange mechanism in the near future.

Holders’ Characteristics

The tables below show the characteristics of the CNPJ owners.

Source: NFTGO(17 Aug 2022) – no. of CNPJ NFTs owned per wallet

CNPJ’s holdings are well-distributed with about 80% of owners having less than 4 items. This limits the risk of whale owners listing a large portion at once.

Source: NFTGO (17 Aug 2022)


At the time of writing, CNPJ had been on the market for one month. The chart above shows that almost 85% of holders are initial investors from the mint.  They have kept holding CNPJ, although the NFT market condition hasn’t been favorable recently.

I think this behavior indicates that owners are positive about the long-term development of the project!


In this section, I would like to share my thoughts on the project with you.

What makes CNPJ stand out from other NFT collections is its innovative ideas like the Web3 Jobs Explorer utility.

The details of Web3 Explorer are:

  • It is a Web3-focused job search website
  • Individual skills are certified using the Soulbound Tokens (SBT) technology
  • Discount for service fee is applied to CNPJ owners

As the initial hype about NFT technology subsidies, investors are starting to question the use and value of profile picture NFTs. I believe that the long-term success of NFT projects depends on having practical and useful utilities.

The CNP team has acknowledged this issue, and they have made a decision to develop a new service, Web3 Jobs Explorer.

Using the SBT technology, a type of NFT that is not transferable, a member’s ID can be issued to users of the service. In addition, owners of CNPJ will receive discounts on the fee whenever they use the service.

Source: NinjaDAO

We can imagine that demand for Web3 specialized jobs will grow in the near future. Thus, if the CNPJ team manages to establish the service at this early stage, it has the potential to become a lucrative business. As a result, CNPJ will be able to attract a wider range of buyers.

One point to note is that Web3 Jobs Explorer is a medium to a long-term project that doesn’t produce an immediate result. However, I do think that it is vital for a project to have a sustainable long-term plan in order to be successful in the long run.

I think CNPJ is a great collection for long-term buyers especially if you are interested in seeing how a PFP project can expand into other services using blockchain technologies.

The only downside of the collection is that its communication is mainly in Japanese, which makes it hard for overseas investors to follow the progress of the project. This is because the team is currently focusing on the Japanese market to establish a solid position there.

As the collection grows, they will start communicating more in English. But in the meantime, I will keep you updated on any news and developments that you need to know!

The content is for informational purposes only. Investment/financial opinions expressed by Web3 are not recommendations. As always, please do your own research prior to making any investment decisions.

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