CryptoNinja Animation – Leading a New Era of IP Character

A famous Japanese anime studio, Fanworks, has announced that the CryptoNinja anime series will air on Japanese television in October 2023.

The news was welcomed by the NFT enthusiasts, as this is the first major anime series ever created with NFT characters. However, it also took the anime industry by surprise, as CryptoNinja is a new IP (intellectual property) character that is largely unknown to the general public in Japan.

A case like this is unheard of, as it usually takes years for an IP to grow into a major animation. This development of the CryptoNinja IP is unique and cannot be found anywhere else!

In this article, I would like to discuss how CryptoNinja, an IP character born in the NFT, has managed to grow in such a short time and what this means for the IP business and the NFT industry in the future.

What is CryptoNinja?

CryptoNinja is an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain, released in September 2021. The founders of the projects are Japanese marketing influencer Ikehaya and popular creator Rii2.

CryptoNinja #001 Jin (source: OpenSea)

What makes CryptoNinja unique is that it has a royalty-free licensing model that allows creators to use the characters and earn without paying any fees for the CryptoNinja IP.

“Japan is the land of anime content, and I was always interested in creating an IP character that would be loved by everyone around the world for many years to come,” said Ikehaya. “When I learned about NFT, I thought I could use this new technology to create a new type of IP and grow it in a way that had never been done before. ”

To achieve this goal, Ikehaya founded the NinjaDAO community prior to the release of the CryptoNinja NFT Collection. Using his position as an influencer, he attracted many Japanese creators to join the community and encouraged members to create CryptoNinja fan art and sell it on the NFT market.

The openness of CryptoNinja’s licensing model was welcomed by creators and the NinjaDAO community began to grow exponentially.

And now, NinjaDAO is the most dynamic and influential NFT community in Japan!
Ikehaya felt that strengthening the community was key to the growth of the CryptoNinja IP. “I know that providing an asset like the CryptoNinja character for members to use freely is the engine that drives the growth of the community.”
With strong support from NinjaDAO, the anime team managed to get FanWorks to create the TV series within two years of CryptoNinja NFT’s launch.
So what exactly did they do? Let me explain in the next section!
Read the article below to learn more about the CryptoNinja Collection.

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Road to Creating CryptoNinja Animation

Anime production costs money, especially when it comes to TV broadcasting.
So where did a new IP like CryptoNinja get the money from?
The answer is simple – community support!
The CryptoNinja anime team raised funds through crowdfunding campaigns. The first campaign took place in November 2022, and all 10,000 Shuriken NFTs were sold within minutes of release at a price of 0.008ETH.

These NFTs were mainly sold to members of the NinjaDAO community who applied for the allow lists. However, people bought multiple NFTs, causing a click war – many were left disappointed.

As the team received requests from NinjaDAO members to release more Shuriken NFTs, they decided to organise additional crowdfunding campaigns.

So far, the team has organised four crowdfunding campaigns, raising a total of 446 ETH.

“Only with the support of NinjaDAO was this outstanding result possible,” said Ikehaya.

Normally, an IP character is created and grown by a company, and as it becomes famous, it gains fans and their support.

“But we are growing CryptoNinja in a very unique way by first building a strong community. I believe that with the solid support of the NinjaDAO members, we will be able to raise the profile of CryptoNinja faster than any other IP character.”

The announcement of the CryptoNinja anime series is proof that the brand’s growth is well on track.

Impact of CryptoNinja’s success

Currently, CryptoNinja is a popular character only in a niche NFT industry. However, the TV show will significantly raise its profile by bringing the name to the attention of the general public.

I think this move will have an influence on both anime and character industries in general.

Ikehaya’s tweet below explains that “Content is King” is the new digital marketing dogma that can’t be ignored.

Of course, offering high-quality content is a must. But having an active and robust community is what gives content an edge.

“I can tell you that it’s not easy to build a community like NinjaDAO… But I will continue to dedicate myself and show the world that we are entering a new era by making CryptoNinja a globally loved character. ”

Building an IP character is a long-term project. Whether “Community is King” is true or not, we will not know the answer immediately.

So where will the CryptoNinja brand be in five, ten, twenty years?

I’ll keep you posted!

Read the article below to learn more about the CryptoNinja Collection.


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