What are CryptoNinja NFTs? All you need to know 2022

If you are a fan of Japanese amine or games, you should take a look at CryptoNinja NFTs. Although they’ve been under the radar of most overseas investors, they are the most well-known and sought-after NFT project in Japan.

In this article, I’ll dive deep into the project so that you can be ahead of everyone else before this unique brand gets discovered in the global market.

What are CryptoNinja NFTs?

CryptoNinja #001 Jin (source: OpenSea)

CryptoNinja is a collection of Japanese anime-style NFTs which are individually designed and hand-drawn. Each work of digital art depicts a Ninja with manga-like imaginative stories.

The project first launched on OpenSea in September 2021. So far, thirty three NFTs have been released with an aim of creating one hundred and fifty ninja pieces in total. The current floor price is 29ETH with a total trade volume of 200ETH at the time of writing.

The founders of the project are Rii2, a talented up-and-coming creator, and Ikehaya, a business and web marketing influencer with a total of 700,000 social media followers.

At the time of their first NFT release, Ikehaya founded NinjaDAO in order to strengthen CryptoNinja’s branding. And in just over eight months, the DAO has grown to become the biggest in Japan and has reached a total of 29,000 community members.

There have been varieties of generative projects, such as CryptoNinja Partners, produced as fan art of this original CryptoNinja collection.  Within the NinjaDAO community, being an owner of CryptoNinja is considered prestigious and has also become a status symbol among NFT investors in Japan.

CryptoNinja: The vision and future of the brand

CryptoNinja #003 Kohaku (source: OpenSea)

The project was launched with the aim of creating a royalty-free character business. Making the CryptoNinja NFTs was the first step toward fulfilling this ambition.

“We wanted to make fun ninja characters which are open and free for everyone in the world to use,” Ikehaya says. The brand encourages fan art and creators are allowed to monetize their work without paying license fees to CryptoNinja.

“In Japan, we have a very strong fan art culture. So, by encouraging creators to monetize in that way, our ninjas were able to gain recognition and popularity in a short period of time,” Ikehaya comments. In fact, some Japanese companies have already shown interest in using CryptoNinja for their products. For example, Hash Palette, a blockchain developer, is creating a play-to-earn game called CryptoNinja Party, which is due to be released later in 2022. A CryptoNinja animation created by a Japanese studio, Fan Works, is also on its way.

“In several years from now, you will see our ninjas everywhere in the world, and you will be able to use them in your own products. I believe this is how character businesses should be in the future, more open and free. We are trying to create a new type of Web3 character brand that nobody has ever seen.”

CryptoNinja Utility: What does it offer?

CryptoNinja #029 Aum (source: OpenSea)

At this point, you most likely have realized that there’s a lot more to CryptoNinja than just NFTs.

So what do these ninjas offer?

The owners are given special access to the closed channel within the NinjaDAO community. In this channel, members can participate in discussions regarding the brand’s future development.

Other rewards include rights to pre-sale mints for the NinjaDAO’s future collections. For example, ninja owners received exclusive access to CryptoNinja Partners before the whitelist holders’ pre-sale mint started. CryptoNinja Partners was a successful generative collection released by NinjaDAO in May 2022 where the floor price increased by 200x from its mint price at the time of writing.

Since the brand doesn’t limit itself to only NFTs, the perks for owners are expected to expand into areas like games, metaverse and animations in the future.

Where to buy CryptoNinja NFTs

CryptoNinja #020 Sattva (source: OpenSea)

CryptoNinja NFTs are listed on OpenSea. However, they are extremely difficult to get hold of as the number is limited and the owners tend to be long-term buyers, who are enthusiastic about the brand’s future outlook and less interested in making short-term profits.

New characters are minted every few months and the owner is chosen by governance token votes based on the offerers’ contributions to NinjaDAO. Some of the items are sold by auctions mainly for charities – the most recent release, Ninja #033 Quon, was sold for 12.976ETH.

CryptoNinja is a dynamic character brand with an ambitious vision for the future. With the backing of an extremely active community and its unique royalty-free business model, you may see these ninja games and animations in your country in the near future – this is definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

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