What are CryptoNinja Children NFTs?

CryptoNinja Children is a collection of 11,111 profile picture NFTs scheduled to be launched on 25 December 2022. Based on the theme, “If ninja were a child?” the project depicts happy children using anime-style drawings using hundreds of soft-colored visual traits.

Details of upcoming mint are as follows:

Date pre-sale: 25 December JST
public sale: N/A
Price 0.001 ETH
Items 11,111
Network Ethereum
Reveal N/A

The collection is produced by the members of NinjaDAO with the aim of raising funds for an online free school for children, “Ninja Terakoya.” CryptoNinja Children (CNC) is a fanart project of CryptoNinja, the official collection of NinjaDAO established in September 2022.

The project’s founder and designer is Mikami – a freelance illustrator and NFT artist. With his unique art style, his personal collection, CNC Ambassadors, has gained popularity over time and is trading at the floor price of 1.5ETH at the time of writing.

Mikami has been a member of NinjaDAO since early 2022 and has been a supporter of Ninja Terakoya’s development.

“Ninja Terakoya is a valuable project providing opportunities for children to learn using the metaverse technology,” Mikami commented.

Since the team offers education for free, funding has always been an issue for them. Thus Mikami decided to support the project by creating a generative collection and donating the proceeds towards the operation of Ninja Terakoya.

Source: Ninja Terakoya Website

The team is planning to announce the roadmap of the collection in December.

How To Get Allowlist?

The team plans to give out the allowlist to:

CryptoNinja Children is a collection to create equal educational opportunities for children using future technology, Metaverse. Become a part of this meaningful journey by holding CNC NFTs and supporting the Ninja Terakoya team.

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