What are Dragon Fish Tokyo NFTs?

Dragon Fish Tokyo (DFT) is a collection of 3,333 generative profile picture NFTs (PFP) launched on 4 Sep 2022. The pre-sale mint price was 0.009ETH. The team also provided free mint access to investors who owned two whitelists.

The founder of the collection is BeeeeeM. He is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with a social media marketing background. His vision is to create a solid and influential community to promote high-quality Japanese content globally.

So far, the team has announced the following roadmap:

  • Shishamon, 3D pass, and Laos charity NFT Airdrops
  • Launch of the second project “Onigiri”
  • Collaborations with famous artists and celebrities

BeeeeeM has recently announced that the project will work closely with NPO to make social contributions through NFT. However, only limited information has been shared with the community regarding its roadmap.

The current floor price of DFK is 0.3ETH. The announcement of future airdrops may have been one of the catalysts for supporting the price. The snapshots are due to be taken in late September and at the end of October.

Source: OpenSea (As of Sept 14 2022)

Dragon Fish Tokyo: Analysis

Source: OpenSea DFT#286

It is still early days to do much analysis on this project. However, the team has done well to increase the floor price by actively communicating with its investors.

In the long run, it may be necessary for the founder to reveal his identity to build more trust. So far, investors don’t know much about BeeeeeM or his background. Without much information about the founder, the project could struggle to gain holders’ trust and expand the project.

In addition, the team has indicated some airdrops and collaborations with celebrities without many details. In the current market condition, this roadmap may not be enough to keep the enthusiasm of investors for too long.

That being said, the team seems to be building a solid community by actively communicating with potential buyers and attracting new international investors.

So, let’s see what other attractive utilities the team can announce and realize in the near future.
I’ll keep you updated!
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