What are Hard Animal Generative NFTs?

Full disclosure: I am on the Hard Animal Generative whitelist at the time of writing.

Hard Animal Generative is a collection of 4,444 profile picture NFTs (PFP) scheduled to be launched on 2 Oct 2022.

The founder and creator of the project is a famous Japanese comedian, Lazer Ramon HG.

The producer of the collection is Zenryoku-man. He is known for his NFT promotion and marketing backgrounds and has worked as a marketer for Asagi, Space Crocos, and Azito collections.

Using a rabbit, sea otter, and bear as base characters, Lazer Ramon HG created colorful and eye-catching PFPs with thousands of attractive traits.

Source: Hard Animal Generative Discord

The upcoming mint information is as follows:

Date 2 October 2022 (JST)
Time H-Pass holders – 20:00
G-Pass holders – 20:15
Public Sale – 21:00
Price 0.005 ETH
Network Ethereum Mainnet (ERC-721)
Mint Site Link
Reveal N/A

Lazer Ramon HG aims to expand his creative career into a new area by establishing a community-first NFT project. The collection’s roadmap is to be announced in due course.

Final Thoughts

The collection is expected to sell out before the public sale as the whitelists are overallocated. In Japan, stand-up comedians (Manzai-shi) like Lazer Ramon HG, are highly regarded, and they are treated as mainstream celebrities.

So, it is likely that the collection will attract a lot of attention around the time of release.

It is worth noting that there isn’t much information about the project as its discord community has recently been established and communication from Lazer Ramon is somewhat limited.

However, Zenryoku-man is an experienced NFT promoter, so I expect that an announcement of attractive utilities such as airdrops and free mints will be made once the mint is complete. I would also be interested to find out what kind of roadmap the team will come out with.

Lazer Ramon HG is the first comedian to enter the NFT market in Japan, so if this collection becomes successful, more celebrities are likely to follow his path in the next few months.

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