What are KAMIYO NFTs by Kojiki Project?

KAMIYO is a collection of 13,888 profile picture generative NFTs (PFP) launched in October 2022. The collection is produced by an established Japanese creative team, the Kojiki project.

This article explains everything you need to know about the project, including comments from Murakami, the founder of the project, from my recent interview with him.

Kojiki (古事記 – records of ancient matters) is an early Japanese chronicle of myths, legends, hymns, and oral traditions. It is the oldest text of any kind from Japan compiled in the early 8th century – part of which is considered a sacred text of the Shinto religion (神道 – way of the gods). Kojiki stories begin during the period known as Kamiyo (神代 – age of the gods).

These myths were written based on the Shinto’s belief – gods exist in everything, including nature. Many gods with unique characters appear in those stories. Kojiki is believed to be the root of Japanese traditions.

KAMIYO by Kojiki Project: Vision

Utilizing anime-style art and NFT technologies, the team aims to promote Japanese history and tradition as unique creative content.

“Kojiki is the root of our rich culture and tradition, and some of the gods in those stories are authentic and have much potential to become strong IPs,” Murakami said in an interview. “We believe that raising awareness of Kojiki gods as IPs globally will protect our Shinto shrines and their valuable cultures.”

The KAMIYO collection uses three gods, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanou, as base characters, and produces vibrant art tokens by employing hundreds of exciting visual traits.

Source: https://twitter.com/kojiki_project

The collection was released at the mint price of 0.001ETH and sold out before the public sale.

Kamiyo Information – December 2022 (source: NFTMarketCap.jp OpenSea)

Item 13,888
Owners 1,770
Floor Price 0.096
Total Volume Traded 195.05 ETH
Market Cap 1224,59 ETH
Listed 1%
Unique Owners 13%

The Team Behind KAMIYO

The Kojiki project team has been in operation since 2017, promoting the tradition and culture of the Japanese Shinto religion through creative content like music videos, theater, voice dramas, and YouTube. The below founders lead the team of nine creators and six planners.

“We are a doxxed team with talented creators. The Kojiki project has been going for five years, and we are committed to providing a new form of cultural and creative entertainment using NFTs,” Murakami commented.

KAMIYO by Kojiki Project: Roadmap

The team is planning the following roadmap for the project.

  • Development of a smartphone application
  • NFT exchange mechanism
  • Creation of the native token to establish the “Shrine to Earn” ecosystem
  • Development of Metaverse shrine

Using a smartphone app, the project plans to bridge NFTs with the physical activities of visiting Shinto shrines.

“A smartphone app could be a powerful tool to physically attracts our NFT owners to shrines for culturally enriching experiences,” Murakami said. Although still in the planning stage, the team has a clear vision of using NFTs to reward app users for their activities.  “This is the type of unique utility that only the Kojiki project can provide, and I’m sure it will appeal to not only Japanese users but also foreign visitors coming to Japan.”

The NFT exchange mechanism is still in an early discussion stage but could be a popular utility. The tool will allow Kamiyo owners to exchange an NFT for a completely new token with a new character. “This will be an exciting and fun utility for our owners, as Kojiki myths have many more attractive characters that we can introduce in the future,” said Murakami.

KAMIYO Price Chart & Analysis

The chart below shows the price movement since its initial mint at 0.001ETH.

Source: OpenSea (30 December 2022)

The steady upward movement of the price indicates that the Kamiyo team’s strategy and active communication with holders are gaining investors’ trust. This type of graph is not often seen in the NFT market, as most collections pump initially, and the price decreases over time.

I think Kamiyo is the type of project that will continue to grow and attract more investors in the long run.

However, the collection’s low level of unique owners could deter some overseas investors. In fact, about 15% of the holders are whales owning more than 10 NFTs – the number is higher than average.

Source: NFTGO – No. of Kamiyo owned per wallet (as of December 2022)

That being said, if you know the Japanese NFT market, you would recognize that most of these whale holders are strong supporters of Kamiyo – thus, they are unlikely to sell in a way that negatively influences the floor price.

I think the team will come up with a strategy to diversify its holders over time. It may be worth keeping your eyes on how the unique owners increase in the coming months.

KAMIYO by Kojiki project is a unique collection that depicts the rich cultural root of Japan. With doxxed founders and talented creators producing high-quality art content, the collection is sure to continue attracting attention from NFT collectors worldwide.

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