MetaSamurai NFTs: Collectable 3D Avatars from Japan

If you are looking for an NFT project by a reputable team with a sound roadmap, MetaSamurai may be the one to consider. These fashionable, yet kawaii futuristic dog figures have caught the heart of Japanese collectors.

This article explains everything you need to know about the project!

  • MetaSamurai is a 3,333 3D avatar NFT collection launched in June 2022
  • A digital fashion label, 1BLOCK, is behind the project
  • Collaborations with high-profile brands like Coach have taken place
  • Production of METADRIP, a digital fashion mobile app using AR technology, is underway
  • MetaSamurai NFTs will eventually become a passport to experience the metaverse, 1BLOCKVERSE

What is MetaSamurai?

Source: OpenSea (MetaSamurai#35)

MetaSamurai is a collection of 3,333 3D avatar NFTs released on 17 June 2022. These high-quality collectible tokens were created individually over time rather than randomly generated using a selection of traits.

The project was launched by 1BLOCK, a digital fashion label of the Japanese online entertainment technology company 1SEC. 1BLOCK is known for producing the popular virtual sneaker called “Air Smoke 0“.

The 1BLOCK discord community was originally established for the release of Air Smoke 0 in December 2021.

Following the release, the team launched two MetaSamurai Genesis collections to reward the early contributors in the community.

Due to the limited supply, floor prices of these collections have increased over time – Genesis at 2.4 ETH and Genesis Zero at 5.55ETH at the time of writing.

The popularity of Genesis projects contributed to expanding the community, and the team made an announcement that it would release a more accessible and cheaper collection, MetaSamurai.

The news was welcomed by Air Smoke 0 and Genesis fans, resulting in the successful launch of MetaSamurai on 16 June.

Meta Samurai Information – September 13, 2022 (source: & OpenSea)

Item 3,333
Owners 1,077
Floor Price 0.26
Total Volume Traded 794.98
Market Cap 1,019.61
Listed 11%
Unique Owners 32%

Using the phrase “I got your back” as the central theme, the Meta Samurai project aims to provide owners with various forms of entertainment using NFT, AR, and digital fashion technologies.


Jyunarin is the key person behind the project. He is the chief operating officer of 1SEC and is in charge of the project’s marketing, community management, and administrative sides.

He is very active on both Discord and Twitter. His effort has helped to gain investors’ trust.

MetaSamurai: Utilities & Roadmap

Source: OpenSea(MetaSamurai#91)

So far, the team has introduced a series of exciting collaborations with famous brands such as Coach and LUPIN THE III RD.

Coach is one of the most high-profile fashion brands. As a collaboration, a total of ten Coach design MetaSamurai NFTs were created and given to holders. The current floor price of the collection is at 5ETH.

LUPIN THE III RD is one of the most well-known manga in Japan from the 1960s. A total of 120 collaboration NFTs were produced, and the whitelists were given to some of the MetaSamurai owners.

LUPIN THE III RD x MetaSamurai collection was successfully launched on 22 August – the current floor price is at 0.55ETH.


The team has announced the following plans to strengthen the brand further and establish its ecosystem:

  • Collaboration with Space Brothers(宇宙兄弟)& atomos
  • Production of METADRIP –  beta version released in Aug
  • Development of 1BLOCKVRESE

Space Brothers is a popular Japanese manga, and atmos is a trendy online sneaker shop – details of the collaboration are due to be disclosed soon.

METADRIP is a mobile app that allows users to wear 3D-generated digital fashions using augmented reality (AR) technology.  Within the app, users can keep their digital fashion assets in wardrobes. In addition,  MetaSamurai NFTs are compatible with the app so that owners can interact with them.

The team plans to develop a marketplace within the app so that users will be able to trade their digital fashion assets there.

1BLOCKVERSE is the Metaverse project that the team plans to develop in the long run. Although details have not been announced, yet, they plan to introduce the utility token, 1BG($ZENI), within the space to establish 1BLOCK ecosystem. These utilities will be available for MetaSamurai Owners.

So, if you own a MetaSamurai NFT, you will be able to experience 1BLOCKVERSE and utilize its ecosystem in the future.

1BLOCK Roadmap


New Collaboration Announcement (29/09/2022)

The team has announced a new collaboration with Baki Hanma, the main character from the popular manga series ” Baki the Grappler”. The special NFTs will be issued to MetaSamurai holders (33 or more) and AirSmoke Zero holders (3 or more).

The community welcomed the news, and the MetaSamurai floor price hit 0.7 ETH after the announcement.

MetaSamurai NFT Analysis

Source: OpenSea (MetaSamurai#197)

Price Chart

MetaSamurai’s initial mint took place in June 2022 at 0.05ETH. Unlike some other NFT projects, the MetaSamurai’s price has been relatively stable and always has kept way above the mint price.

The chart below shows the movement of the floor price since the initial mint.

Source: OpenSea (23 Sep 2022)

Since the announcement of the METADRIP Beta version release on 22 Aug, the price support level has moved upwards to around 0.25ETH. So far, the app’s user experience has been positive, and it’ll be interesting to see if the team can manage a smooth transition to the full version in the near future.

Holders’ Characteristics

The chart below confirms that the majority of MetaSamurai investors are long-term holders (about 80%).

Source: NFTGO (as of 23 Sep 22)

The collection has about 4.5% of whale owners (owning more than 11 NFTs), and the current wallet-to-ownership ratio is around 3 (unique owners: 32%). Although the figures seem reasonable, the team could work to increase the number of unique owners, which would reduce the risk of whale investors influencing the floor price.

Currently, the project team owns a little less than 5% of the collection.

Source: NFTGO (as of 23 Sep 22)

Final Thoughts

MetaSamurai is one of the rare projects which has a sound and inspiring roadmap. So far, the team has delivered on the original plans and is making steady progress in establishing the 1BLOCK ecosystem on Metaverse.

The collaboration with Coach was particularly impressive. It is worth noting that their Discord group was established way before the release of the MetaSamurai collection, which helped attract investors who believe in the project’s long-term vision.

I also like the fact that the project is backed by an established Web3 technology company, and its key member, Junarin, is actively communicating with the owners.

The only concern I have is the number of collaboration projects they might have in the future. So far, the ones with Coach and LUPIN THE III RD have been successful and helped to raise MetaSamurai’s profile. However, if many more collections are released in the future, they could end up diluting the value of their existing NFTs.

That being said, I do think MetaSamurai is an interesting long-term investment, especially if you are enthusiastic about Metaverse and its potential ecosystem. If you are looking for an NFT project which can reach beyond just a profile picture (PFP) utility, MetaSamurai is the one to consider.

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