What is Very Long CNP?

Few collaboration NFT projects can produce distinctive art in the way that Very Long CNP (VLCNP) has. If you have seen this unique icon on the OpenSea ranking and wondered “what is this PFP all about?”, you’ve come to the right place.

This slightly quirky Japanese collection is not only about art but also offers many more real-life benefits that owners can enjoy.

This article explains everything you need to know about the Very Long CNP collection.

  • It is an 11,111 PFP collection released in July 2022
  • The art was inspired by CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) and Very Long Animals (VLA)
  • It offers utilities like the Very Long Farm game and discounts for restaurants in Japan
  • It plans to produce VLCNP character items and a blockchain game

Full disclosure: I own VLCNP NFTs at the time of writing.
VLCNP founder’s comments are from my recent interview with him. 

What is the Very Long CNP Project?

Very Long CNP (VLCNP) is a collection of 11,111 generative NFTs launched on July 31, 2022. Much like other profile picture (PFP) projects, each token within the VLCNP collection is the result of a randomized selection of traits.

The art is inspired by the popular Japanese NFT collections CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) and Very Long Animals (VLA). Although the team hasn’t announced the official rankings, you can find the unofficial ones by Trait Sniper here.

CNP#19310 (source: OpenSea)
Very Long Animals #9 (source: OpenSea)

The project aims to offer exciting Web3 entertainment and real-life utilities based on its unique art concept, “Very Long.”

There are two key people behind the projects:

Fower – Founder
Previous experience – PR manager of the Love Addicted Girls collection & community operating manager of SoudanNFT community

Komesuke – Designer
Previous experience – lead designer of the CNP collection & art director of MediaDAO Friends

Together, they have created this authentic collection that stands out among other Japanese projects, which are mostly anime styles.

VLCNP Information – November 05, 2022 (source: NFTMarketCap.jp OpenSea)

Item 11,111
Owners 3,103
Floor Price 0.039
Total Volume Traded 544.52
Market Cap 257.17
Listed 4%
Unique Owners 28%

VLCNP: Utility and Roadmap

So far, the team has offered the following utilities to VLCNP holders:

  • Online game – Very Long Farm
  • Discounts at various restaurants in Japan
  • Meetups in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima

Very Long Farm was the team’s first attempt to introduce VLCNP into the gaming space. “It was important for us to create and release this game while its utility was still simple. Based on the feedback from the users, we can add more functions and items,” Fowler commented.

In fact, an e-commerce functionality has been added to the game recently. The team also plans to connect the game to other services so that players can use their earned game points for other services.

Although the team is working on offering more online utilities to the owners, they are not limiting themselves there.

“We strongly feel that NFT projects need to look beyond Web3 and start offering real-life utilities. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with restaurants in Japan to offer discounts to VLCNP holders,” Fowler said.

What makes this utility even more unique is that the team tries to add a “Very Long” twist whenever they can. For example, they are collaborating with a noodle restaurant in Hiroshima where holders can change their Ramen to “Very Long” special noodles!

Can you imagine eating these long noodles yourself? I love the VLCNP team’s originality!

Apart from discounts and special food perks, the team plans to airdrop original VLCNP NFTs for holders who dine in partnered restaurants. “So far, no other NFT projects have implemented this type of utility, and we are looking forward to providing these benefits to our owners,” Fowler said.

In addition, the team is working on introducing the following utilities:

  • Production of VLCNP character items
  • Development of blockchain game
  • Collaborations with aquariums and zoos in Japan

In October, Fowler announced a strategic alliance with A3 Ltd, a Japanese anime/character items producer and event organizer. Together, they plan to sell online lucky draw tickets called “eeo KUJI” (KUJI = lucky draw). A3’s online lucky draw platform has over 12,000 members.

Examples of prizes are:

VLCNP Pencil Case (source: PR Times)
VLCNP Post-it set (source: PR Times)

“We have such unique and eye-catching characters.  We believe that they have the potential to become a popular IP in the future,” Folwer says. “This alliance with A3 Ltd is a significant step for us to achieve this goal. We hope to benefit from A3’s strong connection with the Japanese animation industry too.”

The team has also announced the development of a blockchain game.  Although details have not been disclosed yet, an experienced game developer, Hiroaki Hishinuma, will join the team. Hishinuma is a founder of the creator studio, WINxVAL ltd, and has previously worked on the Super Mario, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts game series.

“It’s still at an early stage, but we plan to deliver a fun and exciting VLCNP card battle game to our NFT holders,” Fowler commented.

Although details haven’t been announced, the team is working on collaborating with various aquariums and zoos in Japan. So far, they have partnered with Kawasaki Aquarium.

What is the difference between CNP and VLCNP?

Many people think that VLCNP is just a derivative project released by the CNP (CryptoNinja Partners) team. However, this is not the case.

What are CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) NFTs?

CNP is a 22,222 generative PFP collection released in May 2022. It is the no.1 generative collection by market capitalization in Japan. CNP is a Web3-style collection in which creators are allowed to use the characters royalty-free (terms and conditions apply). You can find out more about the project here.

Although the designer, Komesuke, was involved in both projects, VLCNP has been produced by a different team from CNP, and they don’t share any utilities. Thus, CNP and VLCNP are completely separate projects.

CNP#23894 (source: OpenSea)
VLCNP#01687 (source: OpenSea)

“Combining the strong brand of CNP with the unique art style of Very Long Animals, we knew that we could create something special,” Fowler said.

The CNP team has welcomed the release of VLCNP, so VLCNP holders can receive special roles within NinjaDAO. NinjaDAO is the biggest NFT community in Japan – CNP also belongs to this community.

In fact, other projects have followed in VLCNP’s footsteps, but many have struggled to gather the interest of investors like VLCNP has. “The VLCNP team is innovative and committed fully to the project. Unlike many other derivative projects, we have offered attractive utilities to our owners, and we will continue to do so.”

So, let’s see what other exciting “Very Long” utilities the project can offer in the future!

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