Crypto “WAFUKU” generative’22, aka WAFUKU GEN, is a collection that demonstrates the strength of the Japanese kawaii subculture. Using the unique theme of Japanese summer festivals, the project attracted much attention from the market.

So, what are WAFUKU GEN NFTs? What makes this collection special?

Let’s find out!

Full disclosure: I own WAFUKU GEN NFTs at the time of writing.

Wafuku Gen Information: 18 January 2023 (Source: OepnSea & NFTMarketCap.jp)

Items 11,111
Owners 2,018
Floor Price 0.31 ETH
Volume Traded 554.58 ETH
Market Cap 3302.28 ETH
Listed 2%
Unique Owner 18%

What is WAFUKU GEN NFT project?

Source: OpenSea WAFUKU GEN #10180

WAFUKU GEN is a collection of 11,111 generative NFTs launched on August 28, 2022. Much like other profile picture (PFP) NFT projects, each token within the collection is the result of a randomized selection of traits. In addition, all tokens come with a special WAFUKU GEN theme song.

Featuring kawaii girls wearing Yukata, summer-style Japanese Kimonos, WAFUKU GEN’s cute look has attracted much attention from Japanese collectors and anime enthusiasts. The mint price was at 0.001ETH, and the whole collection was sold out within 30 minutes after the release.

The team behind WAFUKU GEN

Source: OpenSea WAFUKU GEN #04565

The founders of the project are WAFUKU and Solo.

WAFUKU is an established NFT creator, who is famous for his original collection, Crypto “WAFUKU” NFT. In this collection, each hand-drawn art piece depicts girls wearing different styles of kimonos. This has been a popular collection – very difficult to get hold of due to its limited availability and high prices. Therefore, WAFUKU decided to create a generative collection that is more reasonable and accessible.

Solo has a marketing background with some experience working for well-known PR companies, Hakuhodo and Recruit, in Japan. Using his expertise, he took over the marketing and promotional side of the WAFUKU GEN project.

Coming up to the release of the project, they launched a marketing campaign called “Summer Emo Festival”. This campaign encouraged creators to draw girls wearing kimonos in the WAFUKU GEN style and post them on Twitter in order to get the whitelist for the mint. Because of the strong fan art culture in Japan, more than 700 creators participated and submitted their kawaii kimono girl drawings.

The campaign helped to raise the collection’s profile leading to its successful launch.

WAFUKU Gen – Utility & Roadmap

Source: OpenSea WAFUKU GEN #10376

So far, the team has provided the below utilities to its holders.

  • Koromogae (seasonal wardrobe change) NFT exchange mechanism
  • Free mint of the fanart generative collection “Nagomi”

In addition, the project has collaborated with NFTGo., an NFT aggregation platform, and the Re.Monster blockchain game. Solo is also dedicated to developing its business by offering monthly NFT seminars and NFT project consultations to corporates and regional governments.

Currently, the team is working on collaborations with professional sports teams and other NFT collections to raise Wafuku’s profile further.

Wafuku is a worthy project in which the team continues to develop its utilities and business and has gained the market’s trust over time.

Wafuku Gen: Price Chart & Analysis

Wafuku’s impressive chart since the release speaks for itself.

Source: OpenSea (Jan 2023)

Since the mint in August 2022 at 0.001ETH, the price ranged between 0.04 to 0.08ETH. However, the floor price broke the range in December and started to increase. This movement was mainly due to:

  • Investors recognition of the team’s continuous effort in business development
  • Expansion of the Japanese NFT market

In addition, the creation of Wafuku’s channel in ICL, the largest Japanese alpha group, fueled the movement further.


The upward price movement is well-deserved for the project. I think Solo’s constant communication through Twitter Spaces and his podcast show has played a crucial role in gaining holders’ trust.

It is great to see a project like Wafuku gaining attention even several months after its release, and I look forward to following its further development in the future!

WAFUKU GEN Useful Links

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