What is XANA: GENESIS? Japanese AI-based NFT Collection

XANA: Genesis is a generative collection released in July 2022. Its unique concept and futuristic art style have attracted many collectors and Web3 enthusiasts.

This article explains everything you need to know about the project.

  • XANA: Genesis is a 10,000 avatar NFT collection compatible with the XANA metaverse and GamiFi platform
  • The main concept is “AI x NFT” – owners can personalize the NFTs to create their own AI Partners
  • With an in-built AI engine, these NFTs can evolve to communicate and play games with the holders on the XANA platform
  • XANA Metaverse development is underway, and the land sale starts in October.
  • The founder is a Japanese entrepreneur – Rio Takeshi Kubo

What is XANA: Genesis?

XANA: GENESIS #8955 Joselin

Inspired by “Blade Runner 2049”, the XANA metaverse and GamiFi platform were created with the concept of “AI x NFT.”  The platform has its own AI engine, called Prophet, as a base.  XANA: Genesis NFTs are compatible with the XANA metaverse platform, so the holders are able to experience various forms of entertainment like blockchain games using the NFT as an avatar.

With built-in AI code, XANA GENESIS NFTs can be personalized and can become “intelligent partners” for the holders. Commercial rights of the NFT are provided to the owners as well.

Much like other generative NFT projects, each NFT within the XANA: GENESIS collection is a result of a randomized selection of traits. You can check the rarity rankings by Trait Sniper here.

The project was founded by the Japanese entrepreneur, Rio Takeshi Kubo.

XANA: Genesis – Roadmap

XANA: Genesis #8287 香具耶 (Kaguya)

The team has announced the following roadmap:

  • AI conversation user interface (UI) launch
  • Land Staking by Genesis NFT
  • GameFi Autoplay

Since the project already has its own metaverse platform (XANA) and AI engine (Prophet), its plans are very likely to be realized in the near future. As XANA: Genesis NFTs evolve with in-built AI technologies, these avatars will be able to have conversations and play games with you on the XANA GamiFi platform. They will even be able to play games for you – an autoplay utility is being developed and is due to be released in late 2022.

In addition, the holders can purchase the land in the XANA metaverse. In September 2022, the team distributed whitelists for Land NFTs for XANA: Genesis owners  – due to go on sale in October.

So far, Japanese companies and celebrities listed below have announced XANA Land acquisitions:

  • Fuji Creative Corporation – Japan’s leading TV production company
  • J&J – joint venture of JTB (the largest tourism company in Japan) and JCB (the largest credit card company in Japan)
  • Noritake Kinashi – famous Japanese TV comedian and artist
  • Shinji Takehara – ex WBA world champion

The land owners will be able to earn the native token, XANA, by utilizing the NFT’s in-built AI technology. The project aims to provide a unique and exciting experience using cutting-edge and robust technologies.

XANA: GENESIS –  Price Chart

XANA: Genesis #4656 千遥 (Chiharu)

XANA: Genesis’ initial mint took place in July 2022. The pre-sale price for the whitelist holders was 0.09 ETH, and the public sale price was 0.1 ETH. The whole collection was sold out within a day of release.

XANA: GENESIS Information – 14 October 2022 (source: NFTMarketCap.jp & OpenSea)

Items 10,000
Owners 3,503
Floor Price 0.27 ETH
Volume Traded 647.57 ETH
Market Capitalization 3,465.9 ETH
Listed 5%
Unique owners 35%

XANA’s performance since its release has been impressive. I think the combination of these inputs has contributed to the collection’s success:

  • Constant development of the metaverse XANA
  • Listings of XANA tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Active community management by Rio, the founder

The chart below proves that the team is succeeding in attracting more investors, and many of them are long-term buyers who are convinced about the future development of the XANA project and the potential of AI-based NFTs.

Source: OpenSea (as of 14 Oct 22)
The last three months have been tough for the NFT market. It’s exciting to see a project like XANA which can perform well even in a challenging environment.

Since my last report in August, the number of unique owners has increased from 2,800 to 3,500 (25% up). The listing rate is only 5%, meaning that most investors purchase XANA NFTS for long-term holds.

XANA Project

XANA: Genesis #9596 Letti

In order for you to get a better understanding of the XANA project as a whole, here is a brief overview of the XANA blockchain infrastructure:

  • XANA Metaverse App: Allows users to enter Metaverse from mobile phones
  • XANALIA Market Place: marketplace to trade NFTs
  • NFTDUEL: Play-to-earn (P2E) game
  • XANA Builder: Allows users to build on Metaverse without coding knowledge
  • XETA Tokens: Traded on Pancake Swap and Trader’s Joe – it will also be available on Uniswap

As XANA’s ecosystem develops, it is likely that the utilities of XANA: Genesis NFTs will expand to attract more investors.

XANA: Genesis is a unique project with its metaverse construction already attracting high-profile purchasers to the land. I look forward to finding out the possibilities of AI NFTs in the XANA metaverse in the near future.

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