What are XANA: Penpenz – Feat. CryptoNinja – NFTs?

XANA: Penpenz – Feat. CryptoNinja (aka Penpenz) is a collection of 10,000 profile picture NFTs (PFP) released in February 2023. It’s a collaboration project between XANA and CryptoNinja. Based on the ninja theme, the collection depicts attractive penguins using hundreds of vibrant traits.

Penpenz was released as a free mint collection. These adorable, high-quality 3D art penguins have captured the hearts of NFT collectors worldwide!

This article explains everything you need to know about the project.

Penpenz details – as of 14 April 2023 (source: NFTMarketCap.jp OpenSea)

Items 10,000
Owners 3,806
Floor Price 0.355 ETH
Volume Traded 1,758 ETH
Market Cap 3,307 ETH
Listed 0.4%

The Team Behind Penpenz

The founder of the project is Rio, a Japanese entrepreneur who created the XANA Metaverse and founded the XANA Genesis Collection. Ikehaya assisted Rio with the marketing strategy for the collection release. He is an NFT influencer who has founded the CryptoNinja collection, the NinjaDAO community, and the ICL alpha group.

XANA is the world’s first fully metaverse-focused public chain that provides the infrastructure for various Web3 entertainment and services. Rio is in the process of building the XANA ecosystem by launching XANA tokens, the XANALIA marketplace, the NFTDUEL play-to-earn game, and the XANA Genesis NFT collection. The details of the XANA project are described in the article below:


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CryptoNinja is one of the most prestigious Japanese NFT collections backed by the NFT community, NinjaDAO. CryptoNinja is a web3-style IP that allows creators to use the character without paying royalties. The details of the CryptoNinja collection are described in the article below:


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Penpenz is a symbolic project to mark the new relationship between XANA and Cryptoninja.

Penpenz: Vision & Roadmap

Leveraging the popularity of CryptoNinja, Rio created Penpenz to raise the profile of the Xana metaverse platform.

“With the release of Penpenz, I hope to attract new users to the XANA metaverse. Our metaverse project is still in its early stages, and we want more people to experience our platform to feel the potential of XANA and its ecosystem,” Rio said in his recent podcast show.

In return, XANA plans to support CryptoNinja’s IP development using its Metaverse platform in the future.

Although Rio hasn’t provided details of the roadmap yet, he plans to provide utilities related to the XANA ecosystem. So far, he has mentioned the following as possible utilities for Penpenz holders:

  • AL for the NFTDUEL play-to-earn game.
  • AL for future wearable NFT collections
  • Perks for XANA metaverse events

“I am in discussion with the community regarding utilities and hope to make an announcement soon,” he said.

Rio is an innovative leader with a clear vision for the future. I’m sure he will deliver exciting utilities that will attract more collectors!
Penpenz is a collaboration between a prestigious Japanese NFT collection, CryptoNinja, and a rapidly growing Metaverse platform, XANA. We look forward to following the development of the new relationship between these projects.
Penpenz: Useful Links

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