What are TheMafiaAnimals Soldiers (TMAs) NFTs?

TheMafiaAnimals Soldiers (TMAs) is a collection of profile picture NFTs, due to be released on 30 March 2023. The project’s founder, Rii2, is an established Japanese illustrator with various experiences in IP character productions.

Based on the mafia family theme, the collection depicts unique animal characters using thousands of vibrant traits.

This article explains everything you need to know about the project and its upcoming mint details.

The team recently announced that TMAs would be released as free-mint. It’s a rare opportunity to get your hands on a high-quality NFT from a talented creator!

TMAs mint information:

Date 30 March 2023 (JST)
Price Free mint
Items 22,222
Network Ethereum
Reveal N/A

The TMA founder’s comments are from my recent interview with him. 

Who is Rii2 – Founder of TheMafiaAnimals Soldiers?

Rii2 is an established illustrator and designer with a wealth of experience working as a concept artist for a Japanese game company.

He started getting involved in the NFT space in August 2021. His first design work, CryptoNinja, has become one of the most prestigious collections in Japan. In addition, he has been responsible for creating base designs for CryptoNinja Partners, the No.1 generative collection by volume traded in Japan.

Rii2 established his own collection, TheMafiaAnimals (TMA), in October 2021. Based on the Mafia x Animals theme with the slogan “entertain not only yourself but everyone,” Rii2 draws each NFT to an exceptional quality. As the collection grew in popularity, Rii2’s discord community expanded and he became one of the most well-known and respected NFT artists in Japan.

He calls himself a “nomad creator” – he has traveled to over 30 countries since he became a freelancer.  “I get a lot of inspiration when I travel, and these experiences have helped me to grow as a creator, ” Rii2 commented.

The Mafia Animals Soldiers: Vision & Roadmap

Rii2 decided to produce the generative version of TheMafiaAnimals to provide unique entertainment by combining the TMA world and NFT technology.

The theme of TMAs is the “collection that you can have fun with” – Rii2 aims to offer game-like entertainment to holders by adding various blockchain functions to tokens.

“Because of my previous experience working as a game artist, I always felt the potential of combining the functions of NFT and games,” Rii2 commented. “I’m sure our NFT holders will enjoy the fun and exciting world of TMA by experiencing the various utilities we offer.”

So far, the team has announced TMAs will employ the following functions:

  • Character upgrade (raise) function
  • NFT staking system
  • Mission point system

These functions will operate in conjunction to provide a game-like utility for the holders to enjoy.

Rii2’s previous experience working for a game company is what differentiates TMA from other NFT projects. I’m sure he’ll make TMAs a collection that provides top entertainment with high-quality art pieces that owners can enjoy for a long time.

In addition, each character in TMAs has a unique personality with an original story. “Together with the community members, I want to develop the TMA story further. I hope to produce content like manga and animation so that TMA can become a global character in the future,” Rii2 said.

Although TMAs is attracting much attention in the NFT space, Rii2 has stated that the collection is created specifically for people who love and enjoy the world of TMA long-term.

“This collection is a tool for me to output the TMA world I have created, and I look forward to sharing my story with all the holders.”

How To Get TMAs Allowlist?

TMAs allowlists are guaranteed for:

ICL is the largest NFT Alpha group in Japan, and its Diamond Alpha members own more than 10 CryptoNinaja Partners (CNP) NFTs.

In addition to the above criteria, the allowlists are made available to various NFT communities in Japan. You can join the TMA community here for more details.

The team also ran a “zoo-to-mint” AL campaign that ended on February 28. Campaign participants were asked to visit places such as a zoo, ranch, and animal cafe and take photos to tweet using specific hashtags.

TheMafiaAnimals Soldiers is a collection produced by a talented illustrator with a unique experience in game development. Why not enter the world of TMA and experience the true potential of Japanese creatives?

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