What are Umuco Collection NFTs?

If you’re a fan of Japanese NFT collections, you’ve probably seen the fantastic art of Umuco. Umuco is an established Japanese creator who is also the designer of the successful NFT collection, Live Like A Cat (LLAC).

Umuco Collection is the first NFT project founded by Umuco herself, and she aims to provide designs that can be enjoyed and loved by all ages.

Umuco Collection is what many of her fans have been waiting for! There is something very special about her art – I’ve always loved the philosophy behind her work.

This article explains everything you need to know about Umuco Collection.

The details of the upcoming mint are as follows:

Date & Time 21 March 2023 (JST) – Time TBA
Allowlist holders only (no public mint)
Price Free
Items To be confirmed
Network Ethereum
Reveal N/A

Who is Umuco?

Umuco is a well-known digital illustrator with more than 65,000 Twitter followers. She created a popular character, “Umu Neko (Cat),” which is used as a PR design for AmazonPay.

Umuco’s eye-catching and cute design for the LLAC collection has attracted a lot of attention and she is now one of the most respected NFT artists in Japan.

In January, she released the Neko Mandala (猫曼荼羅) NFT in the form of soul-bound tokens. This special NFT was minted by more than 4,000 people in just a few days.

“Even though my work is conceptual, I feel strongly that people should enjoy my art itself,” Umuco said. “I am a big believer in the Japanese concept of kawaii (cute), and I always make sure that even children find my work kawaii.”


Umuco Collection: Vision

Umuco decided to offer her new collection as a free mint because she wanted to make her work easily available.

“It’s important to me that my collection is affordable and accessible to everyone. Just as we enjoy public art, I want people to enjoy my work freely,” Umuco said.

Umuco Collection will play a key role in terms of developing her career as a digital creator. Through this project, she hopes to raise her profile and brand by expanding the fan base that can support and enjoy her work for the long term.

Umuco hopes that many people will get to know her work through Umuco Collection free mint – she plans to offer three different art designs, Super Pop, Alchemy and Yaoyorozu, with 1,500 to 2,000 tokens each.

Super Pop represents “playfulness like a cat”. Alchemy is conceptual art with psychological projection and the human spirit. Yaoyorozu (eight million gods) is a Japanese Shinto belief that gods exist in everything in our world.


I’ve always been impressed by Umuco’s knowledge of religion and philosophy. She is a rare creator who can express complex concepts through kawaii art!

Umuco plans to add more designs to the Umuco Collection in the future.

How to get Umuco Collection Allowlist

Umuco has announced that the majority of LLAC NFT holders will be provided with at least one allowlist and the holders of Neko Mandala SBT and Ikehaya Pass can participate in the allowlist raffles.

“I would like to give the allowlists to people who can enjoy my work for a long time, as I hope to create and offer more conceptual and kawaii collections in the future,” said Umuco.

This is a rare free mint opportunity from a very talented creator. Don’t forget to follow Umuco’s Twitter account for more information!

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